Matt Gaetz opened his mouth and smashed the Republican debt management program

Republicans in the House of Representatives aren’t very good at it. Rather than being subtle, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called the US economy “our hostage” when discussing the debt ceiling.

Here is Gaetz:

There is a lot of interest in Gaetz audio so here it is. I had a brief interview with him ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives today to get his views on the debt ceiling talks. @semafor

H/t @joeposner @thejulianlim

— Joseph Zeballos-Roig (@josephzeballos) May 23, 2023

House Republicans like Gaetz are unaware of how quickly this artificial crisis will affect them. Do Republicans think President Biden is negotiating to hear himself speak? Biden proposes several ways to cut spending, including a hiring freeze and a cheaper way for the government to buy Medicare prescription drugs.

President Biden is genuinely trying to reach an agreement because he wants to avoid a default, but also because if the country defaults, the blame will be passed like a ton of bricks to Republicans in the House of Representatives.

The inexperienced faction of the Republican House of Representatives has no experience of what happened to Republicans when they tried to play debt containment games with Obama. The public backlash to the Republican game was strong, swift and fierce.

At least the last time Republicans in the House tried to do so, they were wise enough not to announce to the whole country that they were trying to hold the economy hostage and harm millions of Americans.

Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to believe they can force Biden and the Democrats to agree to their cuts, which will make their eventual capitulation all the more spectacular.

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