Mase took to Instagram to speak about black males becoming a member of avenue gangs

Roommate, rapper Mase, hopped on his Instagram Wednesday to share a message about black men joining street gangs. He started the long post by saying that it was “necessary” to share his “unpopular” opinion.

“The weakest thing a black man can do today is join a street gang,” Mase wrote in his caption.

The lettering has been paired with a seemingly thrown back image of Mase’s face and shoulders. He is wearing a blue and red snapback hat, a blue university jacket, a gold chain and a diamond earring in the photo. The look on his face seems to suggest that he was in the middle of the performance when it was shot.

Mase, real name Mason Durell Betha and stage name Ma $ e, played a key role in Harlem’s hip-hop scene in the 1990s. As you may know, in the middle of a booming career, Mase retired from rap to pastor the Church. According to Fader, he announced his resignation in April 1999 during a Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 interview. He spent five years outside the rap scene before briefly returning in 2004 with the hit album ‘Welcome Back’.

In Wednesday’s Instagram post, he talked about how you’re going to leave your family to a gang.

“The person you are driving for today will be given a bag to kill you or send you to jail,” Mase wrote.

He continued his caption by commenting on how you prefer the streets to your family, children, and other black people.

“Think about the type of person you would ask to hurt your own people and take an oath to be there for your gang only to not end up being there for your children and family,” Mase said.

Then he seems to be writing passionately as he capitalized his words.

“I never understood that. Maybe that’s why I never thought that people are tougher in gangs, ”Mase wrote.

Mase closed his mind with some advice on joining gangs.

“If you’re thinking of becoming one, don’t do it! I respect a man who can stand on his own, ”he said.

Mase apparently spends 22 days giving his opinion. Wednesday’s post marked the third day of his personal challenge.

Roommate, what do you think of Mase’s message of joining street gangs?

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