Mark Consuelos cannot get sufficient of Kelly Ripa’s booty in a cheeky picture

Mark Consuelos is such a supportive husband for Kelly Ripa that he’s behind her all the way.

The 50-year-old co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan shared a hysterical photo on Instagram Monday, July 19, showing her 25-year-old husband visibly delighting to examine a specific part of her anatomy, while they are near the swimming pool.

“When the end is in sight ……” Kelly captioned the shot of herself in a bathing suit when Mark appeared from her bum, stunned. But who wouldn’t be?

As you’d expect, many celebrities gave colorful reactions to the picture in the comment section, including Lisa Rinnawho wrote, “This is just epic. Period. I don’t even have anything smart to say. It’s just hot!”

Andy Cohen shared: “This is the best picture you have ever posted.” Mindy Kaling wrote, “I love that.” And Joel McHale joked about himself and his wife Sarah Williams, “Sarah and I did a very similar photo shoot last week.”

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