Maddow mocks Trump for throwing a “sore loser send-off” earlier than falling from grace

Rachel Maddow impaled Donald Trump on Tuesday night, calling him a “sore loser” who will no doubt go down as the worst president in the country.

The MSNBC host ticked off a handful of reasons Trump is falling out of favor, from two impeachments to an armed insurgency to the unprecedented prospect of a Senate conviction after the president.

“If you had known how that would work out in the end, would you still have done it?” Maddow asked, addressing Trump directly. “You will go down in history as clearly and undeniably the worst president in American history.”

“Wish you could take it back?” She continued. “We do that.”


Rachel Maddow impaled Trump the night before he left office: “You will go down in history as clearly and indisputably the worst president in American history.” #maddow

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 20, 2021

Maddow said:

Apparently, they can’t find anyone to come to the sore loser goodbye he throws himself into at dawn on his last morning as president at an air base after being voted out of office after just one term – the only president in U.S. history ever to die Lost referendum twice, twice indicted, the only defeated incumbent president to ever use force from his supporters to attack the US government and try to force its continued takeover. He leaves at dawn tomorrow and sneaks back before the inauguration of the man who hit him. Tomorrow morning he will sneak out as the only president in living memory who has the legitimate prospect of a conviction after the president in the Senate and a lifelong ban on taking office as well as possible criminal charges from the federal and state governments in court. How was the plane, Mr. President? Was it worth it? If you’d seen if you could have left – five years ago, you could have fast-forwarded if I said that on TV, and it’s all true if you knew how it would end up, right? still done? You will go down in history as clearly and undeniably the worst president in American history, with what literally the rap sheet can be to prove it. You did that Nice that you did it Wish you could take it back? We do it.

Trump will regret ever running for president

It’s clear that a hollow, little man like Donald Trump doesn’t spend a lot of time in thoughtful deliberation, but he’ll likely get away from his presidency and regret that he ever walked in the first place.

On Wednesday, he will quietly exit the White House after Joe Biden beat him like a drum, and he will leave a presidency to be remembered only for its unsurpassed corruption and incompetence.

Unlike the mountain of failed business activity he’s gone through, Trump knows he can’t market his way out of this disaster.

Ultimately, Donald Trump will regret ever running for president, not because of the damage he did to America but because of the fatal damage it did to his brand.

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