Lori Harvey reveals the key behind Michael B. Jordan’s glowing pores and skin

Why Michael B. Jordan made his love for Lori Harvey public

In 2021, if she doesn’t share her skin care secrets with her Boo, it’s not a real relationship.

That certainly applies to Michael B. Jordanwho apparently owes his new skincare credo to his new girlfriend. Ever since they started dating, the happy woman herself has Lori Harvey, was taken She shaped the Black Panther star in several ways, according to her Vogue Beauty Secrets video.

Lori, who officially became Instagram with MBJ in January, shared in her beauty vlog that she is responsible for Michael’s flawless skin. In fact, she is developing her own line of skincare products that are “coming out very soon” because “skin care is definitely one of the highest forms of self-care”.

On the screen, she used testers with her own cleanser, day serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Lori, 24, stated, “I have of course tested all of my products on myself, but I have also tested them on my boyfriend. He has become my live test model and now he’s very interested in his skin care too.”

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