Lindsey Graham unwell as he tells Trump to hit a cop

Senator Lindsey Graham appears to be struggling with Donald Trump’s criminal charges as he advised Trump to smash windows and hit a police officer.

Graham tweeted:

On his way to the prosecutor’s office Tuesday, Trump was supposed to smash some windows, rob a few businesses and hit a police officer.

He would be released IMMEDIATELY!

— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) March 31, 2023

Sen. Graham was to test his theory by going to New York to do a few robberies, engage in some criminal damage, and top it off by beating up some cops.

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Of course, Graham was being sarcastic, because the point is that while New York is lenient towards real-life criminals, it’s stalking poor little Donald Trump, who happens to be facing multiple criminal investigations across the country.

The defenses of Trump that Republicans have offered so far have varied from weak to nonexistent.

Senator Graham practically cried on Fox News while discussing Trump’s impeachment with Sean Hannity on Thursday night.

Republicans in Congress can do nothing to help Trump. All they can do is spin the false narrative of political persecution and hope it catches on, but if Lindsey Graham is any measure of how Republicans are taking Trump’s impeachment, things are not going well.

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