Lil Wayne says there may be “nothing” like the subsequent Nicki Minaj or Drake

Lil Wayne showed all three of his sons in his new project,

Lil Wayne is known as a legend in the music industry and his impact lives on beyond his own musical genius. This can be seen in the artists he discovered to make Young Money. Wayne recently spoke to Brett Berish, CEO of Sovereign Brands, and had an interesting answer on the possibility that they could be another Drake or Nicki.

“There is no such thing,” he says. “I hate it when people ask for the name. There is no next Drake or the next Nicki. “

Brett makes it clear that he wonders if Wayne is looking forward to discovering the next great artists, and Wayne says the industry is just too different these days.

“The game was different back when I discovered Drake and Nicki. Music was different. By that, I mean they die right before all social media pops up. They came in when the music had everyone’s attention. Everyone wanted to see what happens next and what’s next. “

“You had a choice. Is this what’s next? I like it, yes or no “He goes on.” It’s not like that these days. Now there are a thousand news a day. Unfortunately, given that fact, you have to be more than someone these days to become a Drake or a Nicki. Just when you think you are if you’re Drake or Nicki, they posted something about a little six year old saying something that’s more popular than your songs. It doesn’t even matter anymore. “

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