Lil Nas X says his debut album ‘Montero’ was used as remedy

Lil Nas X’s marketing team worked overtime promoting their debut album, Montero. From sarcastic billboards to a pregnant abdominal prosthesis, they’ve found ways to keep the project the focus of the viral conversation. The album was finally delivered on Friday (pun intended) and Lil Nas X gave a different take on how “Montero” cured him.

“I love to joke, but seriously, doing this album was therapy for me,” tweeted Lil Nas X on Saturday.

And with a joke, Lil Nas X means something like trolling. In addition to what was mentioned earlier, he shared fake congratulatory messages from celebrities. In one of those fake messages, Obama was actually named as the sender of a baby shower basket of goodies. And no, it wasn’t real.

The promotion party did not end there. On the day the album was released, Lizzo admitted that she is not a fan of Lil Nas X, but his latest project has made her “literally piss, shit and cum”. Turns out that was just Lil Nas X, again using a link that fills the same tweet when clicked.

Some unexpected players also took part in the promo game “Montero”. The Teletubbies children’s television characters made fun of by asking if they “could get a feature on the next album”. Lil Nas X, fitting the humorous energy, responded by giving each their role in the fictional collaboration.

“Good bet,” tweeted Lil Nas X. “Me and Tinky Winky on the hook, Dipsy & Po in the verses and we let laa laa do the outro.”

Despite heated controversy on behalf of art and sales, Lil Nas X says “Montero” struck him with therapeutic benefits.

“I began to heal a lot of uncontrolled wounds, saw skeletons in my closet that I never wanted, struggled inside every day and cried persistently:“ Montero ”is really my baby. Thanks for the love. “

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