Lil Child addresses fraud allegations, “N *** as F ** ok Up Fasho, however who will get more durable for them woman [Than] Me?”

Chile, December starts off pretty shakily for some, including Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves. Just a few days after his lavish 26th birthday celebration, the rapper is said to have paid a Las Vegas porn star, Ms. London, for sex, according to the porn star himself.

While all three parties involved, Lil Baby, Jayda and Ms. London, have subtly addressed the situation, it seems like Lil Baby wanted to address the situation even more.

On Wednesday Lil Baby went to Twitter and wrote, “N *** as f * ck up fasho, but who goes harder for the girl [than] me? “He continued:” On[d] [I’ll] Never give ah ** 16K to f ** k. I’m wrong in giving the customs fasho, but I’ll take one[n] Inches[d] Stretch that for miles! “

He ended with: “A hard try doesn’t mean gifts and s ** t !! I mean in every way. “

Just before Lil Baby was apparently trying to correct his wrong, Jayda took to Twitter and wrote, “I’ve been through enough to know what shit outside of me has NOTHING to do with me. I know what I’ve done and what I have to offer. But sometimes people just don’t know how to really love you, and that’s fine. “

If you remember, Jayda expressed that comments from others were starting to reach her and not feeling well.

“Okay, now you’re going to relax with your girl. My feelings are slowly getting hurt and you will know that I can normally take the jokes, but enough for now. “

Chile … so much.

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