Lengthy Reside the Rocket: Highlighting Memorable Launch Verses

Lift up (born Kirsnick Khari Ball) passed away on November 1, 2022 at the age of just 28, and the loss was a huge blow to the rap community.

Now, on June 18, 2023, the time has come migos The rapper’s 29th birthday marks a significant milestone after his loss.

In honor of Takeoff’s first-ever heavenly birthday, we’re looking back at some of the iconic verses he gifted to his fans.

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First up, we have Takeoff’s line in “MotorSport,” which had a cheeky nod to it Nicky Minaj.

For comparison, Nicki was featured in the track and Take got a bit risquΓ© in some of his lines.

“If Nicki should show me her tits
Right hand in the Bible, I swear I won’t tell.

If I can play with the kitten
I wonder how many platinum coins we will sell.”

Nicki eventually addressed the lines on Twitter, noting that she “didn’t see the lines until the song came out.” Oops!

Take Off verse on the topic of motorsport. πŸ€”πŸ˜© It may be my shit but um 🀣 I feel like I didn’t see the lines until the song came out. I thought 😲

β€” Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) November 25, 2017

“Last memory”

On the fifth track of The Last Rocket, Takeoff lets fans know straight up what he’s about with a whimsical space-themed verse.

“I fly with the stars (stars) into space,
Might smoke a blunt with my pilot (cookie).
Saturn, Moon, Earth and Mars (Mars),
NASA rocket launch (NASA).”

In addition to some zany nods to outer space, this verse “Last Memory” really captures the laid-back energy Takeoff was known for.


The album’s title track transitions into Culture and features Take and DJ Khaled.

After DJ Khaled has a few nice words in the intro of “Culture”, Takeoff begins with some running rhymes, leading up to his announcement that Migos would be releasing another album “soon”. We resist clever marketing!

“I’m acting like an ass, baboon.
Pack that stuff, cocoon.
Young rich n***a in the room.
Finesse an***a, no raccoon.

Spend M&M’s in June.
Took a trip to Cancun.

CULTURE album coming soon (one more).”


Next up is “Intruder,” a song where Takeoff raps about letting go of an intruder.

However, Take jumps around with his references. From mentioning potato peelers and cannibalism to holidays like Halloween and Independence Day, Takeoff lets his imagination run wild with this verse.

“I have the right to kill her
Potato peeler, how the hell do you peel?
Cannibalism, my buddy eats him (Ruff!).
No Halloween but I could trick or treat him
Or make him fourth in July and take him liberty (Takeoff!).”

“Sloppy Toppy”

The Travis Scott The title lets the listeners know what the title is about and Takeoff came through and showed his wild side in the song!

Since the title debuted back in 2014, it’s an early example of Takeoff doing his best.

“She got the sloppy toppy (Ugh),
Bitches want my broccoli.
She’s after my money, Monopoly (Huh?)
These twitter bitches wanna follow me
I make them swallow me and then kick them off my property.”

“hotel lobby”

In “Hotel Lobby,” Takeoff lets fans know what’s going on while also being smart enough not to spill too much tea.

In particular, he recalls chilling with some party girls and getting “geeked” while reminding himself to “relax” and not reveal everything.

He also references “cannibals” in the track, so it looks like it’s a recurring theme for Takeoff.

“These are some cannibals (eaters)
They like to get geeked, drink a whole bottle, wake up and repeat (damn)
She took a little bit (Shh) and mixed it with the – (Calm down)
Now she said she was seeing 3D (Wow)”

“Feel the Fiyaaaah”

Finally we have “Feel the Fiyaaaah” which was included on Metro BoominThe album Hero & Villains was released about a month after Takeoff’s death.

In his verse, Take introduces some alphabetic puns by including AZ throughout his part of the title.

“We are who they want to be (be),
Like the letter after A (Ayy).
I bought my damn new C (Chanel)
Then I brought her to D (Let’s go).
Said she’d like to take one E (OK),
Don’t go anywhere without mine F&N (Brrt).
No, Givenchy, I’m a G (G).”

Rest in peace, take off and happy birthday in heaven.

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