Kevin McCarthy voted to overthrow the post-uprising election and is now against impeachment

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), chairman of the minority House of Representatives, voted to overturn the post-uprising election and now rejects the indictment against Trump.

McCarthy said it was time to cool the country down and impeachment would make things worse:

The 12-day charge against the president will only divide our country even more. I reached out to President-elect Biden today and plan to speak to him about how we must work together to bring the temperature down and unite the country to solve America’s challenges.

My full explanation

– Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) January 8, 2021

If McCarthy really wanted to cool the nation’s temperature, he would not have tried to overthrow an election after the Capitol Hill uprising.

The truth is that Kevin McCarthy is an incompetent leader of the House who dreams of getting enough seats to allow Republicans to take control in 2022.

Republicans are not whining about the nation’s temperature after helping Trump build the powder keg that exploded in violence and death on Wednesday at the Capitol. The best America could do to lower the heat would be to expel the coup plotters from Congress and criminalize everyone involved in the uprising.

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