Kevin McCarthy Is Nonetheless Very Bitter And Blaming Democrats For Getting Canned

Kevin McCarthy is having trouble moving on, as he is blaming Democrats for getting fired as Speaker of the House.

The former Speaker said when asked if Jim Jordan should drop out of the race to be Speaker:

For Jordan to drop out of this race? No, no, not at all. I mean, he picked up a couple lost a couple. So, if somebody had voted for him before, they could always vote for him again, and he picked up a couple more votes. So that means you think he should go to a third ballot now? I would take the time right now to talk and listen to members.

I think that’s the same pressure people realize that you can’t keep playing games.

I mean, you know, you sit back and look. Crazy 8, led by Gaetz, with every single Democrat, voted to shut down one branch of government. Who would ever think that was the right thing to do at any time of the year?

And so, what I see, though, is there’s no chance in the world that Democrats can ever say again that they put people before politics. They made a political decision to try to bring chaos, to shut down a branch of government, and that’s wrong.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy tells us Jim Jordan should press ahead and McHenry can oversee legislative business as interim speaker without a vote of House.
“You should give Jim Jordan the same time frame I was able to get,” said McCarthy, who took several days to win the votes after months of talks

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) October 18, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is still bitter that he is not the Speaker of the House anymore. He knowingly continues to blame the wrong people for his demise.

If McCarthy wanted Democrats to help him, he probably should not have taken away the committee assignments of three of their members, baselessly censured Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and unilaterally launched an evidence-free impeachment investigation into President Biden.

Rep. McCarthy only has one person to blame, and that is himself. McCarthy made the deal that set the wheels in motion for Matt Gaetz and others to remove him. Kevin McCarthy knowingly climbed into bed with MAGA, so he should be surprised at what happened.

It is over for Kevin McCarthy. He will probably never return to leadership again and only has himself to blame.

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