Kendra Wilkinson Thought She Was Going to Die Amid Despair Battle

“I would never go out of my way to kill myself, but I was just like, ‘God, take me. God, take me,'” the Girls Next Door alum admitted. “I felt like I had no future. I couldn’t see in front of my depression. I was giving up and I couldn’t find the light. I had no hope.”

But thankfully, Kendra had a support system she could count on, which included ex-husband Hank Baskett.

“Hank driving me to the hospital that day was out of care. It wasn’t out of marriage,” she said of her ex, with whom she shares son Hank IV, 14, and daughter Alijah, 9. “To accept help that day and for Hank to drive me to the hospital was a huge day in both of our lives. It was a big day for my family and kids. I didn’t realize how bad I was suffering or what people were seeing of me until I got there. I had to really look in the mirror and be like, ‘I need help.'”

She added, “To accept medication was the hardest thing to do. It meant I had to accept that I have some mental illness, and I didn’t want to have to do that.”

For her, coming to terms with her diagnosis was an important step forward.

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