Kelly Value’s Legal professional Confirms She’s Protected & Recovering From COVID-19

The innanet was shook when news broke that R&B and Gospel singer Kelly Price had been reported missing. Many Roommates sent prayers up for Kelly, and just as fast as news broke about her missing, a significant update about her whereabouts has been released. Roommates, we are happy to report that Kelly has been reported as safe! 

According to TMZ, her attorney has confirmed this information. Monica Ewing, Kelly’s rep, said the singer is still recovering from COVID-19. However, the location hasn’t be disclosed just yet. Reports also state that Kelly’s legal representative has reached out to Cobb County police to notify them that she has been accounted for. As we reported earlier, Kelly had been listed oh the National Crime Information Center.

Although Kelly is safe, there seems to be some miscommunication between her and her family. Apparently, her family members said that when they were recently notified that she was being released from the hospital after contracting the virus in July, it was surprising because they claim she wasn’t fully healed after being in the ICU. In addition, the family claims that Kelly had gone entirely silent as far as communicating with them and that her boyfriend allegedly withheld her children from visiting her home. This is what prompted the wellness check from authorities.

TMZ asked Monica to clarify why Kelly had seemingly been ignoring her family and her current relationship status with her fiancé. However, Monica wasn’t willing to spill any tea at the moment. Instead, she reiterated the good news that Kelly is safe and recovering from COVID-19, but it looks like Kelly or her team may address the issues at a later date.

Roommates, we will continue to keep yall updated as more information becomes available.

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