Kelly Value lastly breaks the silence, shares her flat as a consequence of COVID-19, and remains to be on oxygen (replace)

After authorities reported Kelly Price missing, she finally broke her silence.

Days after leaving everyone with questions and some confusion, Kelly spoke to TMZ exclusively. During the conversation, she described her COVID-19 experience and said she was flat.

According to TMZ, Kelly stated that she was never really missed. “Price tells us she was never really missing, even though some of her family members insisted she disappeared without a trace.”

She reportedly said she self-isolated to recover from COVID. Kelly also mentioned that she “avoids her family, whom she says she does not routinely keep in touch with”.

Kelly also announced that she is still receiving oxygen.

Right before the exclusive video was released, Da Brat went live claiming she spoke to Kelly Price. Da Brat also had a few things to say other people talking about Kelly Price, seemingly to promote what they might have.

As previously reported, Kelly Price’s attorney made a statement on her behalf. Kelly’s legal representative has also been reported to have reached out to Cobb County Police Department to inform them that they have been held accountable. As we previously reported, Kelly was listed in the National Crime Information Center.

After Kelly’s attorney stated she was safe, Kelly’s sister Shanrae Price called Larry Reid Live and apparently denied the claim.

She said, “I’m just asking everyone to pray,” Shanrae is reported to have said. “I understand the lawyer is saying my sister is fine. We don’t know anything until we see them physically. “

She continued, “You all know her story. My sister is a very visible person, ”Shanrae continued. “We haven’t heard from her in months … this is different from her. Nobody has heard of her. “

Roommate, please keep Kelly in your prayers.

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