Kate Hudson ponders the way to increase her three kids with a number of fathers

Kate Hudson is an actress, entrepreneur and mother of three children. During the January 24th episode of Sunday Today’s Willie Geist, the 41-year-old star spoke about her family dynamics.

Like all parents, Kate controls the realities of parenting amid the global coronavirus pandemic. And while she said “there are days that are great,” she also admitted that there are days when she needs to remember to be grateful.

“When you have that many kids, you know, sometimes you have moments when you hide in your bathroom and say, ‘Please, please, take me out of here,'” she said. “I just remember that there are a lot of people who have lost loved ones and we just have to stay in a little bit.”

Kate is a mother of 17 years Ryder, 9 years old Bingham and 2 years old Rani. She shares her oldest child with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, her younger son with a former fiance Matt Bellamy and her daughter with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

“You know, I have several fathers,” said the almost famous alum. “I have children everywhere.”

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