“Karen” from the New York Hospital has receipts displaying that she paid for a Citi bike

A lawyer for New York’s Karen Hospital claims she has receipts showing she paid for the Citi Bike at the center of a viral dispute. The video shows the employee arguing with a group of young black men, who accused her of taking a bike from one of them.

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Attorney Justin Marino said that New York Post on Wednesday that the Bellevue Hospital employee was the first to rent the bike. Neither the woman’s employer, Bellevue Hospital, nor the attorney released the name of the accused provider. However, online and blog posts have allegedly identified her as a doctor of internal medicine Sarah Jane Comrie.

“Karen” from the New York Hospital has receipts proving the Citi bike was hers, the attorney says

Marino reportedly produced two Citi-Bike receipts, dated May 12, which were timestamped just minutes after the other.

The lawyer used the receipts to dispel the assumption that his client, who is white, was racist based on the interaction in the viral video.

“[The employee has treated] literally thousands of New York residents of all races/ethnicities,” Marino told The Post. “All her life, she was just focused on helping others, regardless of their background.”

The Post Office, which checked the receipts, reported that the first receipt was linked to the bike, which the employee refused to hand in. Meanwhile, the second receipt has been linked to the bike she later took.

“One or more people in that group physically pushed their bike (with her on it) back into the docking station, causing it to become locked again,” Marino said.

The first receipt shows the bike was removed from the dock before being relocked a minute later.

Lawyer: Second receipt shows bike rented again by hospital worker moments after re-locking down

As previously mentioned, the second receipt is said to be the second bike rented from the same docking station by the pregnant employee a minute later. That was the same bike his client came home on, according to Marino.

He added that she was “harassed and pressured into finding a new bike” by several young black men.

The Shadow Room reported that the staffer, who Marino says is six months pregnant, was furloughed earlier this week. Her suspension from work on Tuesday came just days after her heated confrontation with the men on Saturday. It is currently unclear whether this new evidence will have any impact on her employment status.

Bellevue Hospital confirms that the “Karen” worker involved in the bicycle incident is on furlough, but did not specify who arranged the furlough – herself or the pregnant provider.https://t.co/ C5STe3bC5U

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The video clip: “Let me go, you’re hurting my fetus,” says a pregnant hospital worker

Online users have viewed the nearly 90-second clip tens of millions of times since this article was published. The woman, wearing a hospital-branded gown, was seen screaming for help as she tugged at the bike.

“Help! Help me! Please help me!” she screamed.

One of the young men was holding the handlebars and could be heard repeatedly telling her that he had already paid for the bike.

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“Get off me! Get off me, you’re hurting my fetus,” the woman yelled while pushing the man away.

The man replied, “I’m not touching you! You put your stomach on my hand.” As another man in hospital gowns approached the scuffle, the clerk appeared to be crying.

The hospital worker was almost immediately denounced on social media and branded as racist for his interaction.

Some compared her to “Central Park Karen” Amy Cooper, who called the police about a black bird watcher in 2020 and lost her job as a result, The Shade Room reported.

“Karen” bought Citi Bike using the app on her phone before the five young men confronted her

Meanwhile, Marino says the interaction clip is “incomplete,” according to the post. He added that after a 12-hour shift, she left work and took a bike “with no one sitting on or touching it.”

She reportedly paid for it through the Citi Bike app on her phone before securing it from the docking station. When she did, they reportedly confronted five people and claimed the bike belonged to them, he told the outlet.

After the bike was allegedly blocked again, one of the people reportedly covered the bike’s QR code.

“While blocking the QR code, this person’s arm touched my client’s pregnant belly, a condition she had alerted her to,” he added. “During that time and for the remainder of the video, about five people asked her to get off her bike and harassed her.”

Marino says it was tragic how the young men treated the employees, “especially a visibly pregnant woman.” He noted that the NYPD had received no 911 calls regarding the incident.

Here’s what Bellevue Hospital had to say about the behavior of its staff: https://t.co/lTNQhATpOA https://t.co/A7dxd3Sto2

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