‘Karen’ developments on Twitter viral video reveals a white lady crying after seemingly attempting to assault a black lady

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Angry! A #Karen becomes a #Karen! In the latest trending news, a viral video shows a white woman trying to attack a black woman and then crying.

An unidentified white woman is shown at a mall in New Jersey trying to assault a black woman while they are shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

When she realizes that she is being accepted, tears run down her face.

In the recording, you can hear her screaming: “Get away from me”, although like the aggressor she runs towards the woman who is recording the incident.

The police are called to the mall, but the unknown woman does not appear to have been arrested.

There are also unconfirmed reports that the actual victim was asked to leave the mall in this incident.

#Roomies, look for “#Karen” on the video and swipe through to see what people are saying.

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