Kanye’s Donda Academy sued for ‘unlawful parenting practices’

Kanye West’s Donda Academy is reportedly being sued for allegedly following “unlawful educational practices.” Accordingly TMZYe and his Christian private school are being sued by two black women.

The women claim to have been dismissed from school as teachers for a number of reasons. This reportedly includes retaliation for being a whistleblower over alleged violations of education, health and safety regulations. The women also believe they were unfairly dismissed because of their race.

Lawsuit brought by the only two black teachers fired from Donda Academy

According to the women, they were hired full-time at Donda Academy earlier this year. They claim that they were the only black teachers employed by the school.

During their time at the academy, the women are said to have noticed numerous violations. A cited violation was that the only lunch option for students was sushi – every day. In addition, students are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the school from outside.

The lawsuit, reportedly received by the outlet, shows Kanye spending $10,000 a week on sushi.

The teachers said that Kanye doesn’t allow crosswords or coloring sheets in the school and that classes couldn’t be held on the second floor because Kanye was “afraid of stairs.”

No chairs allowed, no artwork on the walls, no jewelry, no forks, no utensils

Ye also does not allow students to use forks or utensils. The lawsuit also alleges that Kanye doesn’t allow any artwork on the school’s walls and that no one is allowed to wear jewelry for the simple reason that he “didn’t like jewelry.” The teachers even accuse Kanye of not allowing chairs; This forces children to sit or stand on foam cushions. Meanwhile, teachers are allowed to stand or use a stool.

The suit states that everyone at the academy must wear all-black clothing from head to toe. Adidas and Nike garments were also banned.

It is also claimed that the school does not have a caretaker or nurse and that there are no trash cans outside of the classrooms or kitchen. The two teachers say student medication was kept in a cupboard while other expired medication was left unsecured.

Inside Kanye West’s Donda Academy. The school is not accredited and looks very cult like and a dump. The school only erratically reopened by West a day after it closed. I would suggest that Simi Valley Child Services and Police check this place out. pic.twitter.com/RI7VkkzvPv

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) October 27, 2022

Teachers claim that there are no lesson plans or disciplinary protocols for bullying and violence

Teachers also claim that there are no lesson plans or disciplinary protocols in place, leading students to be undisciplined over bullying and attacks on teachers and other students. The teachers, who were not immediately named, even claim they were threatened not to speak to Kanye about the issues after they brought it to the attention of others. The women were eventually fired, and now they blame their resignation on racial discrimination and retaliation on those grounds. They are also suing Kanye and Donda Academy for money, alleging that their paychecks are often $2,700 per pay period short. Kanye’s camp has yet to respond to TMZ’s request for comment.

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