Jonathan Majors recordsdata a police report towards Grace Jabbari

Last week, Jonathan Majors According to the insider, he filed a domestic violence complaint with the NYPD against his ex-girlfriend and domestic violence accuser. The move comes weeks before his trial begins in August.

Majors faces assault and harassment charges over the March incident Grace Jabari. In his police report, the 33-year-old claims Jabbari has assaulted him on multiple occasions in the past – although none of the incidents have been officially reported.

Joanthan’s complaint points to a separate “verbal argument in London that turned physical,” according to the insider.

Attorney says Majors is ‘probably the victim’ as actor files his own domestic violence complaint

Meanwhile, his attorney claims that two New York City police precincts, Chinatown and Manhattan’s 10th precinct in Chelsea, found enough evidence to determine a “probable cause” for Jabbari’s arrest.

“Within hours of reviewing the evidence and conducting their own thorough investigation, the NYPD found probable cause to arrest Grace Jabbari for assaulting Jonathan Majors,” Priya Chaudhry told Newsweek.

However, police have not yet arrested her on the basis of Jonathan’s formal complaint, the Daily Mail reports. The Manhattan Attorney’s Office chose not to prosecute Jabbari. According to Chaudhry, a formal request for her to submit to the Chinatown district interrogation was canceled.

Speaking to the NYPD, the actor told officers that Jabbari was “drunk and hysterical” on the night in question, March 25. He claimed she attacked him on a Chinatown street corner, scratching and slapping his face so hard it caused pain.

The Creed III actor’s attorney told Newsweek that the actor is “probably the victim here.”

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Jonathan Majors appeared in court, assisted by his new girlfriend, Meagan Good.

Mr. Majors seemed in a better mood.

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— 4ortunefame💰👑💰 (@4ortunefame) June 21, 2023

Social media support majors after update in case of domestic violence

Social media reacted strongly in favor of the majors when they learned of the new case update on Monday.

“So you all came here and slandered Jonathan Majors before any details came out right?” @droppedballspod tweeted. “Sounds like the apologies need to be as loud as the allegations.”

“All of a sudden it went very quiet around the accusers of #JonathanMajors…” another posted on Twitter.

“WI wonder if I apologize Jonathan Majors will be as loud as the allegations,” @bobbykingdeal tweeted.

“If that’s true, I owe Majors a sincere apology. A lot of people do that,” noted a fourth.

I wonder if the apologies to Jonathan Majors will be as loud as the allegations

— Bobby (@BobbyKingDeal) June 27, 2023

Majors appears in court with his new girlfriend, Meagan Good, as the actor prepares to take the case to court

Last week, The Shadow Room reported that Majors’ domestic violence case would go to trial. his new girlfriend Meagan Gut, was by his side when the verdict fell.

Judge Rachel S. Pauley set the hearing date for August 3 during the hearing last Tuesday (June 20). She also ordered Majors to continue to comply with the court’s injunction for the alleged victim in the case.

The Shadow Room reported in March that police majors had arrested majors and charged them with multiple offenses of domestic violence, strangulation and molestation. Joanthan’s lawyers will now argue in court against justifiable charges of assault and harassment.

Speaking to police, Jabbari reportedly said he punched her ear and twisted her right forearm and middle finger.

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