John Oliver ruins Fox Information’ whole primetime lineup

The inside messages and texts of Fox News primetime anchors Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are the gift that HBO’s John Oliver keeps giving.


Oliver said, after reading Rupert Murdoch and suggesting that Hannity and Ingraham had gone too far: “Obviously Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have gone too far. That’s her whole thing. Laura delivers each monologue with the energy of a concussed PTA parent, and Hannity spits bulls*it while looking like a big neck. You created these monsters, Rupert. You must not appear surprised.”

The Last Week Tonight host then turned his attention to Tucker Carlson, and after reading Carlson’s admission that he hates Trump, Oliver said: “This is so hard. I almost felt sorry for Trump if I wasn’t so sure that all he can feel is anger, hunger and the lower back of the next blonde woman.”

John Olver then read Tucker Carlson’s message that Trump had been a disaster and that reality was hard to face, and replied, “A man on a news channel can’t be afraid to tell the truth because it’s too hard to digest. That’s the news. If the anchors weren’t covering what’s too hard to digest, Walter Cronkite would have opened his most famous show today with a beautiful presidential drive in Dallas. His head is filling better than ever.”

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Oliver was right. What kind of news network is afraid to tell viewers things that are hard to digest? The answer is no news network at all. The Fox News cast were afraid to tell viewers what they didn’t want to hear.

Carlson was tough on Trump, but Tucker Carlson was also scared of Donald Trump, which says a lot about Carlson’s character and why he should never have been trusted with the Capitol 1/6 security camera footage.

Fox News isn’t news, and their primetime lineup deliberately lies for profit.

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