Joe Budden jokes he give up the strip membership after recognizing a dancer in Easter Sunday sandals (pictured)

It’s safe to say that Joe Budden is not a fan of kitten heels. The rapper and businessman was trending on Wednesday after posting a picture from his last trip to the strip club and he was apparently unimpressed with some of the dancers’ shoes.

It wasn’t clear what town Joe Budden was in, but he apparently took a picture of a dancer at a strip club early Wednesday morning and captured the woman from the waist down to point out her heels.

Apparently, her choice of shoes was the deciding factor for Joe to dive in, but not before posting about it on his Instagram story.

In Joe’s picture, which shows the lower half of the dancer, he circled the woman’s shoes and pointed to her chunky heel. He wrote the words “I left” on the photo to signal that he was tired of it.

The woman’s shoes have been compared to church shoes and sandals Monica wore in the video for her song “Before You Walk Out My Life” on social media.

Check out Joe’s stupidity below:

Fans confronted Joe Budden for making the woman’s shoes a clown while others laughed with him.

“She was just about to warm up, Joe, leave her alone,” replied a roommate Joe Budden.

“JB seems like the guy who stares at your feet in a strip club (to be fair),” commented another roomie.

Others came to defend the dancer.

“Homegirl said she’ll be comfortable sliding up and down the bar,” said a roommate.

And then there were those roommates who came up with their own jokes.

“Meet the bar at 7:00 am for a Bible study,” wrote one roommate.

“Not the Monica 3000,” wrote another.

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