Joanna Gaines’ magnolia desk simply appears so good

Joanna Gaines is back and this time she’s preparing some delicious dishes in the kitchen.

The star of Fixer Upper and queen of the upcoming Magnolia Network is about to start her own cooking show, and E! News has a glimpse of his debut. Based on the trailer, Magnolia Table appears to be showing Jo cooking her favorite recipes, messing them up a bit, and then teasing her family for not running right away to have lunch with her. It’s not exactly a cooking tutorial from a professional chef, but it’s positively charming and of course everything takes place in the kitchen of our dreams.

“If you want to learn how to cut things, this is not the show for you,” says Jo.

Sometimes she loses a whole lemon on the floor, and that’s okay.

Recipes include tiramisu, a whole string of biscuits, a green bean salad, and a whole host of other things we’d love to eat now if we could.

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