Jayda Cheaves & Ari put on related outfits in Atlanta (video)

The Gworlz are out! Jayda Cheaves and Ari Fletcher teamed up in Atlanta today. You know it’s a movie when the two get out. They’re guaranteed to look good, cut to the gram, and have a ki-ki or two. It looks like they have something big in the works! Jayda posted a video on her Instagram story that stood next to Ari and said, “Big rich don’t come. “Ari replied,” Y’all, I don’t even know, “and Jayda repeated it. The Gworlz began to laugh and dance. The mothers and influencers looked good as usual and wore similar outfits.

Jayda wore a light brown hat and her signature long black locks flowed effortlessly. She wore a white blazer, a crop top and denim shorts. Ari wore a long-sleeved white button-up top and cropped jeans shorts. Ari showed off her curves and long black hair as they posed for photos. Both women wore white strappy heels.

Ari continued to share her day and upload videos on her Instagram story and had a message for some people. She changed her outfit and dropped a few lines before getting in the car. “One thing about it, don’t worry my ass is fine. Because two things are certain, Yall already knows what to say, ”said Ari. “And if I say it, you will go crazy. Don’t let me mess about my bank account. Please don’t do it. “

Arrogant Tae, Ari’s best friend, appeared in her story and it seems like they were filming something. Last July, we exclusively reported that the couple and Dream Doll worked together on a reality TV show. As we reported, the group has reportedly hired private producers to start filming a pilot on the weekend of Ari’s 25th birthday.

However, there is no information on when and if the show will be released. Roommate, what do you think of Jayda & Ari’s connection?

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