Issues get just a little scorching between JT and Lil Uzi’s ex, who alleged that JT was a sufferer of home violence

City Girls’ whirlwind relationship between JT and Lil Uzi Vert has been full of drama, but things got really wild this week when a lady from Uzi’s past shook things up.

It all started when a leaked photo from a magazine shoot revealed that JT and Uzi had booed and dressed except for the skimpy things.

The photo sparked a lot of comments, including a tweet from Uzi’s ex Brittany Byrd who commented “LMFAO” and a sock emoji.

This triggered JT, who dropped a series of tweets in response.

It seemed like they had just passed a moment that needed to be aired, but then Brittany surprised fans when she returned to social media on Saturday with a video that apparently alleged JT was a victim of domestic violence .

Brittany phrased it as advice to her female followers.

“I offer this to any young girl, woman or young person who follows me, so as never to give your whole life to a man,” Brittany began her message. “Never let a man use you to attack another woman.”

Then her message took a turn when she apparently addressed her words to JT, implying that she witnessed the rapper being physically abused. Watch the video of Brittany below:

If you know JT, the best way to believe that she wouldn’t slide the subs.

She responded to Brittany in a series of tweets, tagging them directly and calling her a liar regarding the alleged dv incident.

Then the two got nasty and shared their hotline numbers in their individual IG stories.

Do you think Uzi’s past will continue to cause drama to his relationship with JT? Let us know!

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