Invoice Gates reportedly gave Melinda Gates practically $ 2 billion in shares on the identical day she filed for divorce

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

#Roommates, social media practically exploded when it was revealed earlier this week that former Microsoft mogul and co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates were officially divorcing after 27 years of marriage. Now more details have emerged regarding their split – and according to recent reports, Bill Gates gave Melinda staggering $ 1.8 billion in shares on the same day she filed for divorce.

@TMZ_TV reports, in a sign that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates were working behind the scenes on their divorce before it was officially announced publicly, it is reported that Bill Gates started Melinda very well financially prior to her actual divorce proceedings … in line with Billions. Recent court documents show that Bill’s investment firm transferred millions of shares to Melinda’s account earlier this week in two companies valued at nearly $ 2 billion based on current stock prices.

Bill Gates’ investment firm Cascade Investment LLC sent Melinda over 14 million shares in the Canadian National Railway Company and over 2.9 million shares in AutoNation Incorporated. The Canadian National Railway is currently valued at $ 1.53 billion and AutoNation is valued at $ 310 million – the equivalent of $ 1.8 billion received by Melinda.

As previously reported, court documents have revealed that Melinda Gates filed for divorce and that her marriage to Bill was “irretrievably broken”. The filing also asked the judge to rule that their marriage officially ended “at the time of the separation contract”. Amazingly, it has also been found that the billionaire couple do not have a pre-nup.

Additionally, the only written agreement they have made in connection with the divorce is the separation agreement. Melinda is not asking for spouse support, and the now estranged couple recently asked for a hearing in April 2022.

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