Individuals erupt as Trump says he’s financially supporting J6 defendants

Trump is being ripped off for saying he is funding his supporters who attacked the Capitol.

Trump said: “So I’ve met with a number of fans, but I’ve met with (sic) and I’m financially supporting people who are incredible. [Referencing January 6th rioters]… contributions are to be made.

“And they were actually in my office two days ago. It is very important to me. It’s a shame what they did to them, what they did to these people. It’s shameful and most importantly, I mean, you know, there are firefighters, they’re cops, there are people in the military. There’s people who were, you know, look at what happened to the police, where they’re being ushered in and so many different things.

Trump also called “radical leftists” “sick,” assuring the country that “there’s something wrong with them and nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”

Then he waved back and said, “I think that’s probably going to be for the best, because even if they go two months or six months and you know they have sentences that last a lot longer, but we will seek full pardon very, very seriously. ‘Cause we can’t let this happen here and I offer my full apologies with an apology to many,

Trump is right that he has never seen anything like it and had to go after hundreds who tried to use force to stop Congress altogether. Only to have a potential president say that these are the good guys who should be left alone.

To answer a question rattling through the Twitter electric machine, no — Trump’s financial contributions do not constitute a seditious conspiracy. Let’s put that aside for now. A seditious conspiracy occurs prior to or contemporaneously with an attack of any kind on the United States government. There is no clause about “giving aid or comfort to enemies…”. However, the fact that Trump says he will fund and pardon all January 6 criminals (if re-elected) is appalling. Worse, it could also be meaningful.

His announcement certainly shows whose side he’s on, and one has to wonder if Trump is signaling potential future “rioters in the street,” who Lindsy Graham has assured would come if Trump is impeached. No one doubts that Trump and his team expect to intimidate the government and DOJ into believing impeaching Trump will just be too painful for the nation. It is likely that the FBI and DHS will evaluate Trump’s testimony and see if it promises Trump to take care of people who “get” on his behalf on the street if he is indicted. He says confidently that he will be president again and hand out pardons left and right.

Green light?

It’s scary because, to a trained ear, it sounds like he’s doing just that. It’s odd that Trump is taking time off from blasting the Justice Department over his search and the court decisions in the Florida case to go back and “sympathize” with the recent rioters. Some January 6 “troops” felt let down by Trump. Perhaps Trump is reassuring his army that he will be there for them.

Creepy. And Twitter responded accordingly:

So when you meet with insurgents and give them money and promise pardons, which could be viewed as obstructing justice and encouraging further anti-government violence…isn’t that, um, sedition?

— David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) September 1, 2022

Is Trump Bribing Defendants of #J6? It doesn’t seem right that he should give financial support and pardons to accused insurgents. Who Funds Trump’s Bribe Fund?

— Lynn Ragland (@LynnRagland6) September 1, 2022

Yes, if I were a J6 defendant, I wouldn’t be waiting all night for impending “financial assistance” from Trump.

— Surreal Norm (@NormanAmerican) September 1, 2022

If Trump is elected, he will apologize to the J6 traitors because Capitol police stood in their way with bats, poles, stun guns and bear spray.

— Mark Jacob (@MarkJacob16) September 1, 2022

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