How The Crown recreated the enduring vogue of Princess Diana

Every waltz, foxtrot or general boogling was private up to then, news cameras captured the Prince and Princess of Wales for the first time in 1983 at a charity ball in Sydney, which was virtually recreated for The Crown.

“I would say the biggest challenge on her and Charles’ Australian tour was finding the right fabrics especially for Diana,” said Sidonie Roberts. “The reason for this was that the clothes Diana wore here were so specific to the 80s in terms of the weight of the fabrics, which were mostly silk [including this ice-blue Bruce Oldfield confection], and with it how they drape on the body. In addition to their weight, they were also very characteristic of the 80s in terms of color and shade. “

She continued, “As with everything in fashion, fabric trends are still moving, which means that the specificity of these particular fabrics has been more difficult to find in contemporary fabric stores. Through a combination of sourcing vintage fabrics, dyeing existing fabrics and making them, we not only kept looking for it, but also created a collection that authentically matches the rest of Diana’s fourth season wardrobe. “

The show’s costume designer, Amy RobertsShe told The Guardian of the blue dress, “It was a conscious choice to put her in this. There is a lot of irritation on this tour, but this dress was the moment you felt that maybe you were making love in some way romantic and youthful. The dress is kind of crazy, pure 80s, shimmering, slightly trashy, but it just moves so beautifully when you dance, when everything is breathless and exciting. “

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