How one can ship an merchandise from Amazon as a present so individuals know who despatched it

My son became one earlier this month. We have received many gifts from friends and family through Amazon. However, we are not sure where to send some of the thank you cards.

When you buy an item on Amazon and have it shipped to another location, it simply arrives in a box without letting the recipient know who sent it. Amazon knows that you have a record of the purchase through their website. It mostly makes sense. However, if you are sending a gift, you must mark it as a gift before completing your purchase.

When you do, Amazon will ship the item with a gift receipt and a note stating who bought the item. And then people like me will know who to thank. (Thanks for the gifts, by the way.)

How to send items as gifts on Amazon so people know who sent them

  • Find an item you want to buy and add it to your Amazon cart.
  • On the next screen that opens, click the small “This order contains a gift” check box for the shopping cart subtotal.

How to send a gift from Amazon

  • Click Next to proceed to checkout.
  • You will see a screen showing the option to customize a message. It will automatically say “Hello, enjoy your present!” and a note of who it is from.
  • Make sure the Gift Receipt box is checked if you want the recipient to be able to return or exchange it. The prices are hidden.
  • You can add an optional gift bag for an additional fee. In this example, my fee is around $ 5.
  • Click Save Gift Options.
  • Choose your payment method and proceed with the checkout as usual.

That’s it! Now the recipient of your gift knows who sent it.

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