How Joe Biden’s grandchildren relied on Malia and Sasha Obama

Although Malia and Sasha have both been reluctant since they left the White House and attended college, they have still been a great resource for the Biden girls.

Finnegan commented, “But they were kind enough to give us advice and support.”

Later in the interview, Maisy told a sweet story about the former president Barack Obama Coached her and Sasha’s youth basketball team in Washington, DC

“There are a lot of teams that said, ‘It’s unfair, they can’t have the president as their coach,” she said with a laugh, “but I mean we won. “Maisy also noticed how big the sport is in the Biden family and how much her grandfather supports all of his grandchildren’s after-school activities.

“He came to every one of my soccer, lacrosse, and basketball games,” Maisy said. “And it was always fun to see him come up thinking, ‘I think I just saw you on TV 30 minutes ago. How did you just end up here?’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry, I knew it was a big game today.’ “Talk about being a super grandpa.

Of course, this wasn’t the only way Joe showed up for his grandchildren. In fact, Maisy Jenna explained how the President-elect stays in touch with everyone.

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