Household Of Murdered TikTok Star Responds To Wendy Williams: ‘You Ought to Be Disgusted With Your self’

The family of slain TikTok star Swavy is fired up over Wendy Williams’ coverage of the teen’s murder on the “Wendy Williams Show.”

A few family members are speaking out against the talk show host, echoing the sentiments of many on social media who deemed Wendy’s segment as distasteful and offensive.

Earlier this week, Wendy introduced the TikTok dancer to her audience by asking if they knew who he was, then comparing his social media following to hers before shockingly revealing that the 19-year-old had been murdered in his home state of Delaware.

y’all please watch this 😭

— Alex (@AlexTMcNair) July 8, 2021

After the episode aired, the clip went viral on social media, outraging many and prompting some to even call for her cancelation. While Wendy nor the network that airs her talk show has yet to address the backlash, the family has broken their silence amid the controversy, expressing their anger toward Wendy.

Swavy’s sister took to her Instagram story with a message for Wendy:

“@Wendyshow you should be disgusted with yourself,” her message began. “You couldn’t even remember my little brother name. You seen he was trending and used him for clout. Everybody already talking about him and you maddest even worst by putting out a false narrative. My mom can’t even mourn because everybody is being so disrespectful about her child. It’s sad that you have to worry about getting a lawyer when she haven’t even buried my brother yet. Y’all so insensitive.”

Other family members hinted at potentially taking legal action against Wendy, while others vowed to flood her page until she apologizes to Swavy’s family.

We’re keeping Swavy’s loved ones in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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