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Park cannon

Several people were furious yesterday following the arrest of Georgia House representative, Park Cannon, after she was behind bars after knocking on the door of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to read the bill “The SB 202 “Signed. Many were upset that “Park Cannon” was trending on Twitter when people called on the governor for suppressing voters.

As we have already reported, US Senator Jon Ossoff and lawyer Benjamin Crump have spoken out against the senseless arrest. However, more details about her arrest were disclosed. The Georgia State Patrol released a statement regarding Rep. Cannon knocking on the door, according to CNN. The statement said that at 6:33 pm, Cannon “banged on the door of the governor’s office” and, when asked to stop, went to the governor’s ceremonial office door, which was marked with a sign “For the governor’s staff only.” and knocked on that door.

The statement went on to say that Rep. Cannon was instructed not to knock on the door of Governor Kemp’s press conference twice. The statement also alleged that she was warned that if she did not stop knocking, she would be arrested. “Rep. Cannon refused to stop knocking on the door. Rep. Cannon was arrested and taken out of the Capitol.

Unfortunately, she was taken into custody in Fulton County Jail but was later released. Rep. Cannon shared a series of tweets following her release, thanking her supporters. She tweeted, “Hello everyone, thank you for your support. I have been released from prison. I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighting voter suppression. I would like to say that I’ll be the last, but we know that’s not true. # SB202 ”

She continued, “But one day this last person will step out of prison for the last time and take a first breath, knowing that no one will be re-imprisoned for fighting for the right to vote. # SB202 ”Rep. Cannon continued to raise the issue of voter suppression, making it clear that it would not stop fighting for the Georgia voters.

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