Hate crimes rose to a 12-year excessive in 2020

One of the many bad legacies of Donald Trump’s presidency was hate crime, which hit a 12-year high in his senior year in office.

CNN reported:

The report released on Monday found that more than 7,700 hate crimes were reported to the FBI in 2020, an increase of about 450 incidents from 2019. In fact, the increase comes because fewer agencies reported hate crimes to the FBI in their jurisdiction than in previous years .

Last year had the highest number of reported hate crimes since 2008, when 7,783 incidents were reported to the FBI.

Data released Monday showed that bias against African Americans overwhelmingly made up the largest category of racially-related hate crimes reported, with a total of 56% of those crimes motivated by prejudice against blacks or African Americans. Asians were targeted during the Covid-19 pandemic for being stigmatized by online and political rhetoric, although this category of hate crime is often underreported.

Trump’s legacy isn’t just huge crime and corruption or the killing of hundreds of thousands of Americans with negligence in pandemic management. Trump has also remodeled parts of America into his own bigoted and hateful image.

No president is more associated with hatred than Donald Trump. The former president did not invent hatred. There was bigotry and racism in the country long before the United States existed.

Trump took hatred from the darkest corners of the nation, gave it a stamp of approval and made it mainstream.

Hate is who Trump is, and his mentality was reflected in federal hate crime statistics.

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