Halle Bailey Says Chloe Conjures up Her To Lean Into Her Confidence

Halle Bailey is opening up about how her sister, Chloe Bailey, positively impacted her style and confidence and the “deep” love she shares with DDG!

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Watching Chloe Has Helped Halle Bailey With Her “Presence”

The Little Mermaid actress shared her commentary during a newly-published interview with Cosmopolitan.

While chatting about her evolving fashions, Halle acknowledged that she’s “definitely not a natural” regarding style. She even admitted, “I look back at some of my pictures on the red carpet and laugh.”

Additionally, the 23-year-old noted that she’s “learning” about herself as she approaches her mid-20s.

“As I’m getting older and my body is changing, I’m learning who I am. I want to be sexy [and] feel good. I want to wear clothes that embrace where I am in life.”

Halle Bailey then pulled her older sister into the conversation, proclaiming that she plays a big role in helping her build up her confidence.

“My confidence has gotten deeper and bigger with the help of my sister. She’s always been an extroverted, sexy, demanding kind of presence. As I’ve watched her, I’m like, That’s so cool. I hope one day I can do that.”

The star went on to share, “She’s helping me find my footing in this whole adult-woman world.”

However, Halle’s successful styles aren’t all thanks to her boosted confidence, as she notes that the entire process is a “collaboration.”

“I’ve worked with some beautiful stylists that help me find that vision. I like to find shapes that make me feel good about myself. And because I’m smaller, because I’m petite, I still want to feel like a woman.”

The Actress Dishes On The “Fireworks” Between Her & DDG

In addition to speaking on how Chloe positively impacted her style, Halle beamed about experiencing “deep, deep, real love” for the first time through her relationship with DDG.

Despite breakup rumors swirling earlier this year, Halle says it’s all “fireworks” in their relationship.

“That’s something I’m experiencing for the first time, and it’s, like, ‘whoa’ in your brain. It’s just fireworks, a spark for creativity.”

Regarding her and DDG’s love, Halle Bailey acknowledged that it’s much more serious than the “puppy love experiences” she’s had.

“You know, you have puppy love experiences, you think that’s love. But this is my first deep, deep, real love.”

Speaking of DDG, we should add that Halle and her boo showed out while attending a Beyoncé show together. Check the posts out down below!

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