Hack Or Wack? Kim Kardashian Reveals Reusable Present Wrapping 

One thing about the Kardashians: they don’t play about their holiday cheer, especially their Christmas decorations and gatherings! This year, Kim Kardashian strayed away from the usual paper wrapping for gifts. Instead, she revealed that she wrapped her family and friends’ presents in a reusable material.

Is it a hack worth trying? Or did Kimmy miss the mark? The internet is having mixed reactions, with some calling her wrapping a sneaky promo for Skims. That’s because Kim used the cotton fabric used in her brand’s t-shirt as her special wrapping this year.

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As mentioned, Kim shared footage on Instagram on Thursday night. She filmed medium and large boxes piled near a white-lit, snow-flocked Christmas tree with no additional decorations. The fabric wrapping was also white and secured with a large knot in the middle, taking the place of seasonal bows or ribbons.

“Alright, guys, I wanted to show you my wrapping this year. I’m putting some presents in front of the tree, and I just wanted to show you that I used Skims cotton fabric for my wrapping this year. And it’s all, I’m going to reuse it. When everyone opens it, I’m going to take the fabric and reuse it on stuff that I make for my family. So I thought it was a fun, really cool way to just have something that you can use over and over again,” Kim said from behind the camera. “And I just love the fabric and the way it looks.” 

She added that she “loves the technique” of the wrapping but didn’t share how viewers can test her idea.

So, roomies, issa hack or wack? Decide for yourself below. 

Social Media Users React To Kim Kardashian’s Fabric Christmas Wrapping

Within four hours of reposting Kim Kardashian’s wrapping on Instagram, the roomies let loose in TSR’s comment section. The post pulled in over 200,000 likes and nearly 15,000 comments. And the feedback is all over the place — from compliments to questions that need answers and references to North West’s reaction.

@tfevry wrote, “It’s actually an original idea! I like it.” 

Hazel E jokingly added, “I hate when my sheets do this in the dryer.” 

@vickycakespancakemix wrote, “She’s not the only crafty one. It’s time to pull out those grocery bags that inside of grocery bags y’all.”

@_kelsey.nicole_ wrote, “Esthetically pleasing, yes. But be for real. Let the kids enjoy some paw patrol wrapping paper, for crying out loud.”  

@nuvvo.diosa wrote, “North is gonna have a field day with this.” 

@cellajadams wrote,Soooo…. How she gone remember which gifts is for who if she didn’t write they names on them?”

@lovelyndtalented wrote, “Rather y’all like it or not. Hate her or love her. KIM POSSIBLE IS A MARKETING GENUS AND GON GET TO THE BAG BOO!” 

@cheye_raq wrote, “This why north thinks her house boring. Gifts wrapped in white t shirts.”

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if Kim and Kanye West’s eldest has seen the wrapping. However, this year the 10-year-old made headlines from her unfiltered comments on Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians,’ her growing TikTok presence, and her first-ever magazine cover. Kim and Ye’s firstborn also made her rap debut this month!

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