Greg Abbott goes off the rails and yells that Biden is a liar

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) cannot defend Texas’s new efforts to suppress the vote, so he went on Fox News and started yelling that President Biden was a liar.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott sounds out of joint as he starts yelling and raising his voice while calling President Biden a liar when asked about voting rights on Fox News.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 25, 2021

Abbott told Fox News on Sunday:

That is the same President calling me Neanderthals and now call Jim C.the line. This reduces to the People of the United States of America that Jim Crow suffered. Anyone who says it’s Jim Crow Law, you don’t know Jim Crow Laws because there aren’t any Separation, make no attempt to It’s harder to color people in The fact is, Texas passed a voter ID Law a few years ago and they always said the same thing Voter suppression that will deny Colored the ability of Vote since we got the Law, there were more people vote than ever including Coloured people.

Today it’s easier than ever have been to people of color before and all Texans to be able to do that cast a vote and the slanders those of the P. to be pouredResident of the United States are reprehensible and show the Americans that the President of the United States is ready to lie about what is keep trying to get your way.

Greg Abbott and the Republicans lose the message war for the voting rights

The reason Abbott wasn’t glued is because Biden and the Democrats are winning the embassy war with the American people for the right to vote. Abbott and the Republicans are not deceiving anyone outside their own party with their plan to rig elections.

Republicans will pass their laws, but they will lose the long-term battle. Abbott cannot make a credible argument that is factual for Texan law, so he had a fit and called President Biden a liar.

The pressure is mounting on Republicans like Greg Abbott, who know that while they will win the short-term battle, they will lose the war.

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