Gray’s Anatomy’s Japril Reunion can destroy us all

In less than two weeks, Japril will be back to break our hearts again at Grey’s Anatomy.

We know this because at this point it would be absolutely ridiculous for Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) to get back together as she’s married to someone else and apparently lives 11 hours away (more on that in a moment), and we really don’t remember the last time they were in the same scene together and it wasn’t at least one little heartbreaking.

Drew makes her return in the May 6th episode, and as we learned in the last promo, it was she who left Jackson to see him take off in his car for a location 11 hours away. This makes absolutely no sense to us because the last thing we knew about April was that she lived in Seattle so she and Jackson could easily raise their daughter Harriet together while she and Matthew worked with the homeless community. Why is she now living 11 hours away?

The truth is, she probably doesn’t because April’s house isn’t the first place Jackson actually goes. The description for the May 6 episode titled “Look Up Child” is simply: “Jackson is visiting his father to put him on the right track.” Jackson’s father lives in Montana, only about 11 hours from Seattle.

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