GoDaddy Bans Whistleblowing Web site Taunting Individuals for Violating Texas Abortion Regulation

TSR Tech: Popular web host GoDaddy has blocked a website created by an anti-abortion group that encourages people to report anyone who violates Texas’ new abortion law.

As we reported earlier this week, Texas now has a law making it illegal for anyone to have an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

The anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life has created a website calling on citizens to report people who violate the new law and promising to “ensure that these law breakers are held accountable for their actions”.

Then GoDaddy recently gave the group 24 hours to find a new home, according to @theverge. “We have informed that they have 24 hours to switch to another provider because they violate our terms of use, “said a spokesman The New York Times and The edge.

Late on Friday, the site appeared to be at home with Epik, the provider known for bailing out controversial sites like Gab, the social media platform Parler, and the internet hate forum 8chan, when other web service providers refuse to accept them would.

However, the site was down early Sunday morning and was available again sometime in the early evening.

At first, GoDaddy said The edge that the whistleblower site has violated “several provisions” of its Terms of Use, including Section 5.2, which reads: You will not collect or collect any User Content (as defined below) or non-public or personally identifiable information about any other user or any other natural or legal person without their express prior written consent, or allow any other person to collect or collect it. .

Epik has also reportedly ruled that hosting the form that allows citizens to inform about their neighbors is also a violation of the Terms of Use and cut the website off. It is unclear who is hosting the controversial website now.

The website also had problems with the public after a group of TikTokers flooded the website with fake tips.

We will keep you informed of all updates.

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