Goal of the investigation Matthew Calamari actually is aware of the place the our bodies are buried [VIDEO]

New York investigators cast a wide network in their investigations against the Trump organization. And they target long-time company executives to testify against their boss.

According to reports, Group CFO Allen Weisselberg has so far been a hesitant witness. And investigators are now looking for former bodyguard and COO Matthew Calamari. Barbara Res, a longtime Trump employee, says calamari could be a convincing witness.

Res said on Tuesday, Ari Melber: “Calamari knows where the bodies are buried. He’s been through thick and thin with Trump, every single move Trump made was Matt or someone else, but usually Matt. He may not know about financial issues, but he probably sat around discussing things, so he probably does. The thought that Trump gave him something to inspire loyalty is not new. He’s been doing it all along. “

The former executive vice president then spoke about what calamari might have received from Trump. “I don’t doubt Trump gave Matt other things, ”she continued. “We’ll find out. We know one thing for sure, he gave his son a job. It’s a big deal for everyone – and he did that with others. For everyone who gets a job for their child who works for Trump.” “It’s an automatic loyalty and ‘do whatever I say’ because if you don’t, you will not only get fired, but your child will also lose their position.”

Former Trump Organization EPP Barbara Res says the target of New York State investigation Matthew Calamari “knows where the bodies are buried”. pic.twitter.com/ACYxunZKwe

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 23, 2021

Res is a great interview because she has special insight into how Trump runs his company and treats his people. When calamari or Weißelberg testify, an even broader picture is drawn.

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