Glenn Shut’s “Da Butt” dance is the one 2021 Oscars GIF that issues

Here is the 2021 Oscars moment everyone will be talking about.

Glenn Close treated fans to the most memorable moment during tonight’s 2021 Oscars when she demonstrated her bag-shaking skills on the live broadcast. The funny moment went down between the categories when Questlove and Lil Rel where to play a music guessing game with spectators.

When it was Close’s turn, Questlove played a song and the Oscar-nominated actress had to recognize and correctly identify that it was an Oscar-nominated song. The song of choice happened to be “Da Butt” from 1988, which Close was surprisingly familiar with.

“That’s not fair to Glenn Close. You don’t know ‘Da Butt’,” Lil Rel told the legendary actress.

“Wait a second. That’s ‘Da butt’. I know that,” said Close, to everyone’s surprise. “‘Da butt’, it was a classic song by the great go-go band from Washington, DC ME Shout out Sugar bear and the whole Backyard Band. “

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