Girl from viral Airbnb get together provides clarification about get together goers

Phew, Chile! When Airbnb parties are hosted, it’s usually a relaxed and fun gathering among friends, but the mood can change when unexpected guests arrive. This was the case in North Dallas last Sunday. A viral video surfaced online showing party-goers destroying their belongings on an Airbnb, including a flat-screen TV and furniture. TSR reached out to Ken, the host of the party, to find out what caused the incident and what was not on video.

Ken explained that she had told the partygoers, who reportedly drove 12 cars deep, that the party had been over for at least an hour and a half and that they were not welcome in the house. The police had been called to the Airbnb before the party-goers arrived, so Ken made it clear that they didn’t want anyone inside. However, one party goer said her friend was still inside and refused to leave the property. The partygoers entered the house and Ken frustrated repeatedly asking them to leave the house. Ken told TSR that she unplugged the speaker, but one of the partygoers plugged it back in. During that time, some of the women who stayed at Airbnb had problems with some of the partygoers, and then the situation escalated.

Ken went upstairs briefly but was made aware that one of her friends was jumping so everyone started fighting and one of the partiers allegedly drew a gun. After the fight ended, Ken said the partiers felt like they were playing for driving over 40 minutes to join the party. Eventually the partiers left, so Ken went back upstairs. She heard over 20 gunshots that resulted in a man being shot. Currently, his status and injuries are unknown.

Authorities arrived at the home again and began investigating the matter, but no information about possible charges is available at this point. With everything that happened on Airbnb, Ken went without consequences because it was her friend’s name on the Airbnb reservation. It is unclear whether Ken’s friend was responsible for any damage to the house while the incident is being investigated. Even so, she will no longer be able to rent any other property as the company has banned her from the site.

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