Fredo Bang says seeing girls in hoods is “a giant drawback”

Fredo Bang

Bonnets have become a staple of black culture, roomies, especially at a time when black women appreciate the versatility of their hair more than ever! Recently, people on the internet were debating whether or not to wear the protective hairpieces outside and Fredo Bang said he had no objection!

A viral photo of women wearing hoods in an airport sparked conversation about the appropriate places to wear hoods and people seem to be divided on the debate! Some people said hoods should only be worn indoors, others said black women should feel free to wear them whenever they want.

Rapper Fredo Bang made his stance clear in a long tweet about women’s self-esteem.

“I have the feeling that when a woman steps in her hood, she feels completely at ease,” he wrote. “She doesn’t have to have make-up and head to shoulders dressed every second of her life because she knows she’s the baddest. # Self-esteem is a big turning point. “

Fredo’s message seemed to come from a good place, but some of the women who read it didn’t quite agree with his views. A couple of ladies commented to let Fredo know that wearing hoods outside the house is absolutely out of pocket!

“No … you just don’t leave your house like you’ve rolled out the bed,” commented a woman. “Idc how good you feel about yourself … that’s just sticky to me.”

“Look, I still don’t go outside with the hood on … it’s lazy and unprepared,” wrote another woman.

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