Fox’s Neil Cavuto prevents Dr. Ben Carson presses hydroxychloroquine

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump aggressively pushed the drug hydroxychloroquine. Doctors suggested that the drug could be useless at best and dangerous at worst.

When Trump started promoting the drug, the conservative media and GOP lawmakers agreed. In fact, the state of Oklahoma will soon be sitting on over 1 million to expire the doses of the drug.

But that prevented Dr. Ben Carson didn’t bother pushing the drug during a recent Fox News appearance. However, he was interrupted by host Neil Cavuto, who contradicted his claim.

Carson told the host, “Y.You are looking at the West African countries along the coast. If you go there you will need to take hydroxychloroquine or other antimalarial drugs. Interestingly, their instance of COVID-19 is hugely lower than ours. Is that a coincidence? I do not believe that. “

Cavuto replied: “Medical experts looked at this, Doctor, as you know, and turned that connection upside down. “Carson protested,” You just said that some people puked the hydroxychloroquine. But the evidence is there. What they haven’t done is being investigated. You know, and that’s part of the problem. And that’s why people don’t trust our system. “

The host hit back again: “Wasn’t it proof – the problem, Doctor, for people with heart or other problems that it wasn’t a good idea – to think that this was a magic bullet, or a silver bullet, to deal with the virus? Wasn’t that the problem? “

Check out a clip of the exchange courtesy of Fox below:

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