Fox Information Fires Prime Rated Host Tucker Carlson On Cable Information Shocker

Fox News has announced that they have split from Tucker Carlson and they are not giving him a farewell show, suggesting more details will follow.

Here is the statement from Fox News:

Shocking news from Fox: Tucker Carlson is roaming the network.

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) April 24, 2023

Given that Fox rarely fires anyone, particularly senior presenters, for anything other than sexual misconduct, and considering Carlson producer Abby Grossberg’s lawsuit detailing discrimination and sexual harassment in Carlson’s office, there’s a big one Chance that there are more shoes drip.

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Tucker Carlson has tried to fire the producers, was outed by the 1/6 Committee as hating Donald Trump, and is a central figure in the many legal troubles facing Fox News.

The timing of Tucker Carlson’s downfall is surprising, but in US mainstream media history, figures like Carlson have had a tradition of saying goodbye and being shown out.

There’s more to this story than is currently available, but with Tucker Carlson being introduced as a potential Republican presidential nominee, the nation likely hasn’t seen the last of the former high-profile Fox News hosts on the national stage.

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