Followers query the shortage of illustration in Yo Gotti’s newest music video

Angry! Yo Gotti hit the gram with a new track for the ladies to bring it down by this summer, and while his comment section was full of fire emojis, many fans were questioning the complexions of the ladies he did for the video.

If you’ve all been waiting for a summer anthem, this one could be it! Yo Gotti dropped “DROP” with Da Baby, and the visuals scream for hot girls summer. With dozens of ladies in tiny shorts and cute bikinis, the video is set at a pool party in a villa.

The song may be a bop and the graphics are fun, but some of Yo Gotti’s fans couldn’t get around the fact that they didn’t see many dark skinned women in the clip he posted.

“I haven’t seen a beautiful melanin woman in this video, I can’t get involved,” one woman wrote.

“Mmm, there are a lot of colorists. Lmao, then you put a brown-skinned girl in for a split second, I see what’s going on here, “commented another fan.

On the flip side, some fans criticized the desire for brown and dark skinned women to appear in videos that sexualize women.

“Why are we surprised and, above all, why do we care? These are not the rooms in which we want to be represented in the next case ”, said a woman, she entered the shadow room.

Da Baby is only a feature on the song, but it got some heat from the fans due to its connection with DaniLeigh. If you remember, when he was dating Da Baby earlier this year, Dani announced a new song called “Yellow Bone” and let’s just say people didn’t like the lyrics that much, which praised his fair skin.

What do you think roomies? Should Yo Gotti have been more picky about the women in his video? Let us know in the comments.

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