Floyd Mayweather is celebrating Black Historical past Month along with his fleet of black luxurious vehicles

Angry! Floyd Mayweather does two things very well – throw your hands up and call us all who are broke on the timeline! It’s Black History Month and Floyd is back with another exhibition of his monumental amount of money.

In a recent Instagram post, Floyd stepped into his garage and decided to take a look at the many, many, MANY black cars he dropped a bag on. Just to let you know, we lost the count after the first 10 cars.

We spotted a couple of Lambos, a couple of Ferraris, a couple of Bentleys and a couple of Double-Rs in Floyd’s fleet and all we could really say was “oh wow”. While some fans celebrated the black wealth and excellence Floyd hit us with, others criticized him for being materialistic.

“Another example of how you can get anything you want in this life. Bro was out of luck, he worked for what he wanted. You can do the same. Get what your people are, “commented one fan.

“Do you want to impress me? Distribute 50 black Toyota to families in need, ”commented another user.

“Materialism has nothing to do with Black History Month,” said another user.

How do you feel about the way Floyd has the month off, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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