Florida fascists day by day praise social media platforms for banning Trump

Republicans in Florida claim to support free speech and big business, but to help the filthy Don Trump they make an exception and lie like pigs in the process.

Despite claiming otherwise, Florida Republicans are pushing legislation at a breakneck pace, imposing a daily fine of $ 250,000 on social media platforms banning politicians (Trump) from using their services. Of course, this is a means of getting Don Trump back on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that he can keep lying and incite his hideous base to bloodshed and adversity against the legal government of the United States.

The law is reported to have been urged by Florida Governor DeSantis to “pursue his crusade to bring big tech companies to justice for measures that discriminate against conservatives.” DeSantis represents a common religious legal stance that everyone wants to achieve because they cannot legally do what they want.

The legislation in question puts a $ 250,000 daily fine on social media silencing politicians (Trump) citing First Amendment rights – as if the only means of exercising freedom of speech for Trump were Facebook and Twitter.

DeSantis is following Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for claiming they are “Orwellian media collusion to preserve conservatives.” That’s a huge pile of male cattle droppings, of course.

AP reported that House Bill 7013 was filed shortly after Twitter, a privately held company that permanently banned Trump’s Twitter account after its acolytes came to the U.S. Capitol in a failed but fatal coup to keep Trump as king . Twitter feared that allowing Trump to continue violating their Terms of Service would lead to more violence Anyone in the government who doesn’t support Trump.

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, a disgruntled Republican named Blaise Ingoglia, told the Associated Press, “Let’s send these big tech monopolies a message that Florida will no longer stand for their gimmicks.” Even if these so-called “shenanigans” are completely legal acts of private companies that are afraid, a madman like Trump will put his supporters back on the government. Ingoglia is a liar.

Republicans and DeSantis, however, lie just like their fallen demigod Trump, claiming the legislation has nothing to do with Trump at all.

Representative John Snyder claimed the focus of the legislation was on protecting Florida’s 22 million residents and their first adjustment rights. He lies like terrible Trump, adding:

“This bill is about sending a loud message to Silicon Valley that they are not the absolute arbiter of the truth.

That’s an interesting comment. Especially when Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google sat idly by while Trump issued hourly lies before and after the elections that resulted in his ordering his insurgent army to storm the Capitol and prevent the government from doing its business so that Trump could stay in power.

The interesting aspect of this fascist action is that Republicans religiously claim that business can never be affected by government regulations or sanctions – and they too have the right to freedom of expression. Republicans are committed to the laissez-faire economic model, which effectively means “hands off private companies”.

The big technology companies vehemently reject the bill because, according to NetChoice, the professional association for Internet companies, “punishes social media platforms for removing harmful content”. NetChoice CEO Steve DelBianco stated:

“The first change makes it clear that the government may not regulate speech by individuals or companies. This includes government measures to force people to speak by forcing a private social media platform to broadcast content that violates their policies or preferences. “

Mr DelBianco’s statement really sums up why this cruel Republican legislation will never stand. Trump or one of his filthy lying fascist instigators are forced to abide by the terms of use of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter, regardless of what prompts the private companies to ban the traitor from their platforms.

This fascist action has nothing to do with protecting the freedom of speech of 22 million Floridians or punishing social media platforms for trying to be the “absolute arbiter of truth”. For the dog’s sake, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube allowed Trump to spread falsehoods for five years at the same rate that most people urinate on a daily basis. And it’s not like Trump is being silenced like an aggressive dog; although this action would be supported in a Planck second. There are numerous private corporations and media outlets where Trump can spread his lies and start another uprising against the United States, but that would mean doing so in more than 140 characters.

The only way this could be more fascist is for the Republicans to send an armed battalion into the big private tech companies, forcing them to allow Trump to continue doing his worst to destroy America on their platforms.

Florida Republicans, and Trump sycophant DeSantis in particular, are filthy liars for saying they don’t push this fascist legislation to help Trump because he’s the only traitor who’s still apoplectic for his social- Media megaphone has lost to incite its followers to all kind of atrocities.

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