Fernanda Ramirez is “obsessed” with this long-wearing lip gloss

Fernanda isn’t the only one who loves this shine. These reviews will convince you that it is a must see.

Reviews for Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly, non-stick gloss

One shopper gushed, “Pistachio is the nude glow of my dreams! It’s not too warm, not too cool. If you love neutrals, this shine is a MUST!”

Another explained: “New lip gloss obsession. Pistachio is the perfect nude pink but a better shade for your lips. Super shiny, non-sticky, moisturizing and comfortable to wear. I can’t get enough of these glosses – they are perfect!”

Someone explained, “I’ve always loved these lip glosses, but this week my lips were extremely dry, flaky and uncomfortable from wearing lip plumper 3 days in a row. No amount of lip balm helped until I started slathering my lip balm on top.” Off with the ShineOn lip gels! My lips are soft and moisturized again! To be honest I didn’t expect to get such a great result, I’m blown away!!!”

A fan of the brand shared: “The jelly lip glosses were one of the first products I tried from Tower 28 and they have remained my favorite gloss ever since. I love that they aren’t sticky at all and the color is super buildable.” A small amount goes a long way with this shade. I tend towards light pinks or nudes, but I like that I can just add a touch of that for a pop of color if I feel like it.”

“This is my first Tower 28 Gloss and I really like it. It has a very silky, creamy texture that glides effortlessly across the lips and isn’t streaky, sticky or clumpy. The applicator applies just the right amount, not too little or too much. Does not sink into the lip folds. Feels good on the lips and sticks quite well as a gloss. Normally I tend to go for deeper, more brownish highlights, but I love this pistachio shade, which is quite a creamy pink shade of nude. I’m very happy with this shine,” wrote one buyer.

One reviewer said: “It’s easily become my favorite gloss. I use it every day and it’s so pretty, pistachio is a really good “my lips but better” shade.”

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