Examine in to the American Pie Forged immediately

American Pie was an indie darling and Lyonne’s first big blockbuster to put her in the spotlight.

Arrested in 2001 for DUI, Lyonne started making a number of headlines. In 2004, he was charged with criminal calamity, harassment and abuse for storming into a neighboring unit and threatening to molest the neighbor’s dog. In 2005, she ended up in intensive care with a collapsed lung and hepatitis C. She spent most of the summer in the hospital, with health problems and sobriety taking precedence over Hollywood.

“Look, I didn’t think I’d come back,” Lyonne told Entertainment Weekly in 2012 and something like show business is going to be the stupidest thing on planet earth. “

But Lyonne made her comeback in a big way, playing a caged drug dealer on Netflix’s hit Orange Is the New Black. “What was great was how little research I had to do for the role!” she cracked outside. “Who would have thought that all of these arrests would have been so great for my career?”

And she was just getting started when Lyonne received rave reviews for her Netflix series Russian Doll, which she (co-created) Amy Poehler) and starred in. The hit show was “so personal” for Lyonne that Elle told: “The story of my family, my years through the alarm clock, standing at the door of death and being dependent, and the experience of being in New to be a madman and an outsider. ” York and in this business. There is always fear when you dig so deep and reveal so much about yourself. “

In an interview with Variety, Lyonne, who has an appointment Fred Armisen For over five years he has said: “I’m finally so relaxed … I’m excited to be older – I’m excited to be a child or youth actor or a comeback second round actor. I’m so glad that there is so much fighting in this industry that is over now and I think I just feel so relieved and in an artistic community I feel really deeply moved and supported. “

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