Every part you must know in regards to the vampire breast raise

What Are the Benefits of Vampire Breast Uplift?

One of the biggest benefits, according to Dr. Koo in that you use your own tissue like fat and plasma to increase the chest area.

In addition, said Dr. Cohen that many of his patients have noticed the volume in their breasts and a reduction in their stretch marks and dimples. “It stimulates more sensitivity in the nipple area,” he explained. “It’s a great procedure for those who aren’t ready for breast implants or a lift but want to regain some of their youthfulness and vibrancy.”

However, it is important to have realistic expectations of the results. Even if the vampire breast lift provides more fullness, do not expect any drastic changes. “You’ll get some volume,” said Dr. Cohen, “but it won’t be the same as using two cup sizes.”

What are the disadvantages of vampire breast lift?

I don’t want to be discouraging, but this procedure has several disadvantages. First, it depends on the breast size.

“If you have larger breasts and they sag far down, this procedure is not the right procedure for you,” said Dr. cohen “You would have to have it surgically repaired and bring the tape upstairs. It’s better for women with smaller breasts because it will look a lot bigger.”

Apart from outward appearances, Dr. Koo’s insights into other potential risks of the treatment.

“Complications are not well studied as it is an off-label use of PRP,” she explained. “The longevity and effectiveness of this procedure for improving stretch marks or thinning skin is not known or proven. PRP is extremely effective in healing degenerative tendon problems – plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow – as well as degenerative arthritis conditions and in wound healing resulting from dermabrasion or deep skin penning on the face.”

She also pointed out the potential side effects that could result from injecting breast tissue, adding, “As a plastic surgeon, I am concerned about the breast changes that may occur with future mammograms.”

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